4 ways that you can connect with your community in these times…

4 ways that you can connect with your community in these times…

During this time of uncertainty for pubs, clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants they have very little/no customers in. This is when it is important for businesses to show they are still there and are doing their best in this situation. Using social media to connect with their customers is one way and hosting online activities just one other way that you can do this. When your local pub, club, bar, hotel and restaurant can still be in touch with their local community and customers for free using social media platforms and other ways it can develop brand awareness and a sense of belonging.

Here are just 4 ways that we believe can help themselves and their community to ensure everyone is still interacting and communicating with people as pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants are places where people come to escape their work lives and build long lasting friendships. This is a time where you can help your community a lot and ensure we all get through this period together while you develop your brand awareness and build a bond with your customers online.

1. Online Quiz – Running a free online quiz can be one way to get people to interact and do something different with their days during this time. We all love a pub quiz but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be in the pub at this time. Rumour Entertainments had an online quiz on Saturday, and this helped many people to have some communication with others and all that was done safely.

If you already run a quiz night at your venue, you could still be running that quiz online for people who attend. This also could lead to more people attending after this is all over as they get to see what it is like doing this at home for the first time.

This acts as free advertising and gets your brand and night out to people who may not really know that it is happening when you are usually open. You can use Zoom for running this type of activity.

2. Online Chat Room – People go out to talk about the things they love. This can be a release and help to release some of the thinking that we all do. Why not run a Facebook live or a zoom meeting for people to come online and chat about a specific topic one day in the week? This helps to bring the community together and helps with breaking up a bleak day that it can be when sat in all day during this time.

Encouraging people to speak will help to show you are supporting your local community and showing you care will improve your brand awareness with people in the local community. For this you can use Zoom, Facebook Group, Online Forums, Facebook Live.

3. Plan for 2021 – As we sit at home and wonder how we will come out of this at the other end. We can be planning new themes and events that we could run for people to enjoy when this is all over. Assess the nights and events you currently have and think could they could be better.

Planning events for 2021 is a good way to understand and develop plans on how you will advertise the night and also it gives you time to pick the correct act for you to use for the event instead of booking it last minute. Take a look at this video below to see just some of our amazing acts we have on offer. Head to the entertainment page to see more of our acts. Choose now and showcase them to the people now by using our videos and posters to grab people’s attention. Also, this can give people something to look forward to when this is all over!

4. Use social media – During this period a lot of people will look to social media for information and guidance. If we all share the correct information and back that message that is being sent, then this will all be over quicker meaning our businesses will be back open. We need to help spread the message. Not the virus. In the long run spreading this message to your customers will help the cause and show that you care about this virus and the community.

Doing this increase your brand awareness and is helping to show you are still connecting with your customers when they are unable to come to you. Your Customers miss you just as much as you miss them, and you can show that by being active on social media and running activities for them to engage with. Posting positive messages that support key workers and the causes in this difficult time will develop a togetherness and get the community working together.

If you have any questions or require more information on how to run these activities just give us a call or email us. If you need a chat, then let us know and we can arrange a call with us. We understand that during this time we are not open but as people we are here to help and support you through this time of uncertainty and we would love to hear from you if you need support with anything. We cannot wait to see everyone back out there and enjoying the good times. If you need any help with planning for 2021 just email us and we will get back to you with our thoughts and can help you to find the best acts for 2021. Stay safe and we will be back stronger and together.

According to new research

75% of people believe brands should inform people of what they're doing to help.

40% of people want to see brands making donations of products to causes to help in the situation

Only 8% of people believe brands should stop advertising because of the virus