Brian Sharpe

Brian Sharpe is a vastly experienced comedian who has worked in almost every environment from pubs and clubs, to , theatres and hotels. Brian has a fairly laid back approach, and is noted for his quick wit which he uses to good effect in almost every situation or audience he appears in front off. .Over the years Brian has performed alongside and has appeared on the same bill as The Drifters and The Hollies, and appeared on the after dinner circuit working with many sporting celebrities including Ian St John, Tommy Docherty, Alex Murphy OBE and Emlyn Hughes MBE to name a few. Brian has homed the ability to make people laugh without the need to use bad language, yet in complete contrast, he is also recognised as one of the finest adult comedians in the country, with his ability to destroy hecklers . Overall Brian Sharpe is an excellent comedian suitable for any audience or event

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