Caitlen Bailey

Caitlen Bailey, a young lady who loves to entertain and with undoubted vocal talent. Caitlen is an extremely popular and in demand singer working nationwide

Caitlen has also been performing as a wedding singer for several years and it has become a great love of Caitlens as it is such an honour to be a part of a couples special day. Caitlen loves to tailor the wedding entertainment to make each wedding as unique and personal as possible for the bride and groom to be. Caitlen decided as a singer that she wanted to be able to present clients with specific shows so that an event could be directed towards a specific audience. Caitlen developed a show called Pop Go The Divas which is a tribute to modern pop divas such as Rihanna, Jesse J, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and more. This show has been popular with casinos, nightclubs and holiday parks as it appeals to a younger audience. Caitlen has since developed a show which is a hit for a wide age range of audiences called Supreme Gold, a tribute to motown. This show includes all the big hits from all the motown divas and has been a huge success for wedding receptions and corporate events.
Caitlen recognised a significant look and sound alike to the Dutch jazz singer Caro Emerald and decided that it would be a very fitting tribute show. The tribute show is called “A Night Like This” and has been popular with 1920’s theme parties and masonic lodges. Caro Emerald is a growing success worldwide and is set to be a huge hit in the UK very soon. Caitlens tribute show is the first in the world and has been acknowledged by Caro Emerald herself!! Other specific shows are in production including a James Bond theme show and a tribute to the dance anthems of the 90’s. Caitlen has developed herself into a very talented, professional and versatile entertainer who is a perfect selection for wedding entertainment along with many other events and venues.


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