Divas Disguised

Divas Disguised are all professionally trained and very experienced in the art of musical surprise. Playing the waiter or waitress right up and until the moment of the reveal where one by one each one of them release there amazing vocal talent to everyone… They could be one, two, three or more unassuming people that secretly blend in with the waiting on staff you have at your function or event, One by one they start to show, as their real personas start to emerge. Bit by bit the musical and glamorous outfits unveil until you get the full crescendo of all the under cover waiting on staff giving their all in true classical style. They come dressed to suit, match or compliment the staff you have working on the night, before changing into true Divas. We can also appear as different characterisation such as police officers, fire officers or any suggestion you may have to personalise your day. The performers are all professionally trained and some have been sourced from the prestigious English National Opera (E.N.O.). Their repertoire contains all the classics that you know and would expect to hear, anything from Opera to Modern Pop classics This very special form of entertainment is a real showstopper that is very much in demand. It goes without saying, they are always very well received, even when you are expecting them. Whatever the function, corporate or weddings, Masquerade Balls or Medieval Banquets Divas Disguised fit right in.


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