Gary Skyner

Gary Skyner is a man who defies expectations of what can be achieved. Real life traumas are turned into triumphs every day. Gary’s awe inspiring tale of triumph over tragedy will touch your heart and lift your spirit

As the second child in the UK to be born damaged by the deadly Thalidomide drug, which was administered to expectant mothers in the 1960’s, Gary’s life was destined to be difficult and challenging as the drug impaired his physical development. Not expected to live, let alone to achieve anything, Gary is living proof that there is nothing you cannot achieve if you believe you can.
Gary’s presentations are not your usual run-of-the-mill motivational speeches. There are no “go get ‘em boys, climb that mountain, cross that finish line, slay that dragon, and get the pretty girl” scenarios. He simply deals with real life, not as a superstar, athlete or famous mountaineer, but as a man who started out in life with one obstacle after another.


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