Gemma Louise Doyle

A captivating performer, with endearing humour and a message of inspiration, Gemma leaves everyone feeling uplifted and ready to go and live a happier life!

Born in the North West of England, Gemma has had an ever growing passion to entertain, throughout her life, with her first notable appearance on stage at the age of only 3 years old! (Where she ran off at a shopping mall to ask a presenter if she could sing 'You Are My Sunshine' to hundreds of shoppers) Gemma remembers day dreaming even at primary school, wishing she could stand up and amaze friends & all who knew her. Whilst a studious young girl, throughout most of her teenage years, Gemma was too shy to perform in front of audiences, until the age of 17, where she really began performing frequently. Wowing local audiences & judges, winning talent contests & gaining attention of all spectators, the music career of Gemma Louise Doyle came to life & her exciting journey began, From this point, Gemma started taking her musical aspirations more seriously and trained with affluent tutors, from UK Royal Conservatoires, having Classical lessons in addition to her Popular music background. Gemma committed her life to entertainment, Gemma became a professional singer.


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