The ManyTonics

The ManyTonics are one of the UK's leading bands in the Wedding and Corporate Events industry, with a gleaming reputation for providing high-quality entertainment both in the UK and overseas. As a highly talented and adaptable collective of musicians and vocalists, the band is extremely flexible, - offering everything from a 4 to a 16 piece band that can include several vocalists and a full brass section! This fantastic band just turn up and play music, they entertain and they make all clients and guests part of every event they perform at . All musicians and vocalists in The ManyTonics are carefully selected,for there talent, professionalism , adaptability and expierience ensuring a slick, professional performance everytime comparable to those of any session band on the world stage. Each show or performance is well rehearsed and meticulously prepared and the setlists are highly adaptable given they can perform everything from Swing, Jazz and Soul through to modern day classics of the day . with the material continually evolving to keep the show interesting and as up to date as possible. The ManyTonics are ideal entertainment for all weddings, corporate and private functions, dinners and balls and are available nationwide where they can perform a number of different sets, including a mixed party set containing floorfillers from the past decades, a soul & motown set a jazz and swing set and even a 90s dance set , whichever sets they perform The Manytonics are a highly requested quality band that ooze class .


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