Research study on how consumer behaviour may change due to coronavirus when visiting pubs/restaurants

Research study on how consumer behaviour may change due to coronavirus when visiting pubs/restaurants


We decided to undertake a quick 10 question questionnaire to understand how people feel about going out to pubs/restaurants when the government decide to lift the lockdown and allow us to get back in our favourite pubs and restaurants. Following the lockdown rules has been very important but it has had a massive effect on businesses across the UK.

In this report we will share some of the key findings that our research has risen. We had 50 participants and they were all asked the same questions. Majority of the participants (40%) visited pubs/restaurants 2-3 times per week. With 25% of participants visiting once a fortnight. Followed by the others (35%) who visited pubs/restaurants once a week. We then asked after the lockdown would they go less often, the same amount or more often. With the majority 72% of participants saying they would visit the same amount of times this shows a good sign of people will be wanting to attend pubs/restaurants. With 22% saying they would go out less often than they did before the lockdown. Leaving the small 6% saying they would attend more often when this is over.

Visiting Pubs/Restaurants

The next two questions we asked participants was how they would feel about attending pubs/restaurants with someone from the same household and then someone from a different household. There is no surprise that more people were very confident attending pubs/restaurants with someone from the same household than they were with someone from a different household. We did see that there was a decrease in confidence when it comes to going with someone from a different household. If we look at what this really tell us is that people may still be confused when the lockdown is lifted which means the decrease in confidence could suggest that there is a uncertainty within the public to weather it is safe or not to go out with people from other households.

One of the main questions we wanted to know in this study was if people feel the pubs/restaurants should have safety precautions in place and would this make you feel safer? 85% of people say yes, they would like safety precautions in place when the pubs/restaurants open. We believe this would give more confidence to the general public and help them to feel safe and protected as we have seen with supermarkets and other stores during the lockdown.

Entertainment in Venues

83% of people say they enjoy live entertainment in pubs/restaurants. We also asked the participants if entertainment in pubs/restaurants affect where they go. 70% of people say that the entertainment in venues affected where they go for food/drinks. This suggests that it matters what entertainment you have on in your venue, and it has to match the brand that you have. At Rumour Entertainment we pride ourselves on ensuring the act that we send you matches the correct vibe & atmosphere you would like to create for your guests/customers. We believe that it is very important that you understand what your customers like and dislike. We always look to get feedback on your acts so we can help you get the most from the entertainment you book.

We also asked what entertainment people mostly enjoyed when they were visiting pubs/restaurants. With the responses being very interesting, we found that majority of people (75%) enjoyed live music band, vocalist with acoustic music proving popular in the restaurant market. We also found DJ’s and singers popular in bars and pubs. We notice that people enjoy being entertained and finding the right entertainment can be difficult and time consuming however, we can make this easy for you, as we have many acts across the UK who are ready to entertain your customers, please take a look at our website ( where you can find all the entertainment options we have available to entertainment from live bands and solo vocalists to tributes, acoustic acts and DJ’s.


Overall, we found the findings very interesting, With the majority of the public wanting to get back out in the venues and restaurants they love as soon as possible, however they are looking for safety mostly when it comes to ending the lockdown. One of the main things the government, pubs and restaurants should all be looking into, is how can they ensure people are safe in their venues when they are back open. In this study we had people tell us their worries about the reopening of pubs and restaurants. Finding two key points that were made by the participants. Those being cleanliness and overcrowding. With this a worry from many of a number of our participants. As they feel like pubs and restaurants will be overcrowded because many people want to see them back open as soon as possible thus creating a spike in people attending pubs and restaurants. I guess the real question here is how the venues will manage overcrowding if this happens and also how will they ensure that the bar, toilets and tables stay clean. There are many questions still to be answered for the public, but we are sure there are answers out there that will ensure we can be back in our favourite pubs and restaurants soon.

If you would like to chat about this study in more depth with us please call us or email us and we will be happy to discuss the findings or any concerns you have.