COVID-19 Statement


COVID-19 Statement

The ongoing situation with the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has certainly thrown an enormous amount of uncertainty and panic worldwide and very much so in the UK with some crazy scenes in supermarkets and so much speculation as to when or if the country goes into lockdown.

While it is very much business as usual here at Rumour Entertainments and Events and we are busy booking entertainment and events for later in the year and beyond we are aware of the impact that coronavirus has on businesses and people and in times like this we feel it is very important to support one another and therefore are committed to helping minimize the impact of the coronavirus in both our industry and country

However, we appreciate that we as agents & event planners have a duty of care to keep everyone as safe as possible. Therefore, we will be following government guidelines and we won’t be persuading or dissuading any artistes, client or venue to make a decision on whether your entertainment or event should go ahead. If you are an entertainer venue or client and have any queries about any booking you have with or may want ti make with us then please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team

Thanks and stay safe.

The Rumour Team